Formerly known to many as Child of Israel, abbreviated as C.O.I., Jahdiel Gore, born to Jewelle Gore-Hurst, is a hip hop recording artist who has a unique sound. He expresses his faith through his music and addresses real life situations of the masses. Jahdiel is no stranger to the stage and the spotlight. He is well known for his distinct flow, fierce stance and insightful lyrics with hit singles which include “Beaming,” “I’m Reborn,” “Destined for Greatness”, “Haters Anthem” and his latest single “Brand New Day. “

He has featured locally on numerous shows, to include, Jesus party 2k11 through 2k13, Invasion 2 & 3, The Best of Christian Union, I Got It, Swerve Fest, Revival, Revival 2.0 and Fan or Follower on Logos Hope (2017). He has shared the stage with Internationally known artists such as the legendary Sherwin Gardner, reggae’s most notoriously wanted Positive, Grammy nominated Flame, V.Rose and Andy Mineo just to name a few. Jahdiel’s vision is to create music which speaks life into each and every individual who comes across his music – from St. John’s to Beijing and from developing to developed countries.

In the very words of this young and upcoming superstar, “no matter your race, no matter your religion, God placed you here because you’re destined for something.” Identity Puzzle is now available on datpiff for your personal review.


As a child, growing up in an extended family, Jahdiel was first exposed to hip hop, by his youngest uncle.
He became curious about this music that his uncle listened to, because it was unlike the calypso and reggae that was more popular in Antigua. His curiosity would lead him to eavesdrop on his uncle as he played these songs.
At the tender age of 5 years, he started to pen his own songs and would sing them for his family. Later, he began to collaborate with some neighbourhood friends, and over his adolescence years, he and his friends penned multiple songs together. At this point, a producer gave them false promises for a recording session, which never materialized.
After being let down, his friends gave up the music dream but Jahdiel, who was determined to pursue a career as a hip hop artist, did not give up on his dream…

Jahdiel is the owner of his Band G-Force. The bands mission statement is “impacting our generation.”